Roman Urns, Xantalen Urns & Xantalen XL Urns

Xantalen Urns Collection

Cinerary Urns

We are a company dedicated to Manufacture of Ceramic Craft Urns since 2001. Based on existing examples in different archaeological museums, we develop our work by recreating forms and materials that once served for this use, adapting them to the current needs, by manufacturing your ideas and shapes upon your needs.

Exclusive collections, unique pieces, 100% handcrafted!

Both cinerary urns, biodegradable and non-biodegradable products are certified as non-toxic and non-polluting products. Every product developed by Xantalen Cinerary Urns have their sanitary approval by SGS (Société Générale Surveillance).

Our presence at Furnemostra

Furnemostra is the International Fair for Funerary Products and Services. With a strong international character, it has remarkable representation of companies from Europe. It runs every two years, and it is recognized as one of the reference fair of Funeral Products at the European calendar.

Xantalen Urns Collection

We manufacture your ideas and shapes upon your needs.

We also print covers with marks chosen by the funeral home.

The materials have been handcrafted, being adapted to the actual requirements.

Xantalen Urns Collection

Xantalen 1001

Ref. 1001 Biodegradable
Ref. 1001 N.D. Non-biodegradable 

Xantalen 1002

Ref. 1002 Biodegradable
Ref. 1002 N.D. Non-biodegradable 

Xantalen Silk Touch Collection

Silk Touch Collection Blue

Ref. 1005 A Biodegradable

Ref. 1006 ND Non-biodegradable 

Silk Touch Collection Stone

Ref. 1.011 Biodegradable

Ref. 1.012 Non-biodegradable 

Silk Touch Collection Red

Ref. 1005 R  Biodegradable

Ref. 1006 R Non-biodegradable

Silk Touch Collection Sand

Ref. 1.013 Biodegradable

Ref. 1.014 Non-biodegradable 

Xantalen Bronce Collection

Xantalen Bronce

Ref. 1007  Biodegradable

Ref. 1008  Non-biodegradable

Roman Urns Collection

Xantalen Roman Urns Silk Touch

Xanalen Roman Urns Dark

Optional. Box for delivery: “One Last Hug” Optional. Customized cover Inscription

This collection of cinerary urns is based on the forms and materials traditionally used in this ritual. The materials have been handcrafted, being adapted to the actual requirements.

Biodegradable series have ecological manufacture, made with products integrated in the chosen medium for its dissolution. Water or earth, without damaging it. Non-biodegradable series are developed to remain at pantheons or custody, unchanged over time. 

Xantalen Capacity: 3.000 cc – Xantalen XL Capacity: 4.000 cc – Xantalen Roman Capacity: 1.100 cc

All of our work is certified by S.G.S. (Societé General de surveillance).